Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Orioles - Week 6 (2015)

Cabrera Trade Providing Dividends

On May 11th, the Baltimore Orioles made a trade to provide their outfield with another bat that they so desperately needed since Nick Markakis left in the off-season. That was for the former hitting (*) champion, Melky Cabrera. Many fans were not happy with the trade, one fan stated "We do not want a cheater on our team, we already had one of those". That fan was talking about Rafael Palmeiro, who was also caught lieing to congress stating "I have never used steroids. PERIOD."

However, fans may likely forget that Cabrera was a "cheater" if he keeps hitting like he did in his first week. He batted .308 with an astounding 11 RBI's in his first week as an Oriole.

The hitting began to come around as the Orioles won 4 of 6 this past week. It was almost a 5 of 6 week until the Angels' Mike Trout exploded for a 4 hit, 2HR (1 grand slam), 6 RBI performance in which the Angel's came back from a 6 run deficit to defeat the Baltimore Orioles. 

Manny Machado down with injury (Yes, again)

For the 3rd straight year, the young phenom Manny Machado had another injury. Granted, this one is not season ending but it will keep him out until around the All-Star break. On May 17th, Manny Machado had a forearm injury that is believed to be a sprain. He has since been placed on the DL. Buck Showwalter and the General Manager are still discussing options to fill this huge void.

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